Andy McInroy Photography

Welcome to my landscape gallery. I am an amateur photographer living in Ireland's scenic northwest. I have enjoyed taking photographs of Great Britain and Ireland for more than 20 years. I find my local inspiration in the beautiful countryside, mountains and coastline of Donegal, Derry and Antrim.

The wild Atlantic coast, with its constantly changing weather, is a subject which I particularly enjoy. I can be photographing dark storm clouds over gray seas one minute and golden sands under a blue sky the next. No part of these isles is truly wild. However, the rugged scenery of Britain and Ireland makes a perfect canvas for the constantly changing light.

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Stalactite Cave, Larrybane Projects
(Contains 18 photos)
I particularly enjoy working on photographic projects which are based around a theme or style. Here you will find several portfolios of project work which I have undertaken in recent years, some of which has been exhibited.
Pleaskin Head, Causeway Headlands (08060331) Ireland
(Contains 179 photos)
The island of Ireland contains a wealth of subjects to photograph. Long golden strands, huge swathes of bogland, fine mountain ranges and rugged coastal cliffs. However, it is the constantly changing light which really sets the stage for beautiful landscape photography.
Rough Firth, Galloway (09081433) Scotland
(Contains 42 photos)
This selection of photos were mainly taken in the regions of Galloway in the south and in the Western Highlands as far as the Island of Skye. Scotland is home to the largest mountains in Britain. It also contains some of the largest tracts of wilderness landscape in the UK.
Black Ladders, Carneddau (S002) Wales
(Contains 16 photos)
This selection of photos is from Snowdonia in North Wales. From the knife edge ridges of Mount Snowdon to the boulderfields of the Glyders to the long open moorland of Carneddau, Snowdonia has a huge variety of grand mountain scenery.